Post 500: Top posts for week ending 07-Aug and for all time

Interestingly enough this week’s summary of the most popular posts on The Road Not Taken is also the 500th post.  In honor of this distinction I am posting the top ten most popular posts from this week and the top ten most popular of all time.

Top ten most popular posts for the week ending 07-Aug:

  1. Echo smart pen by Livescribe
  2. Even Apple looks bad once in a while
  3. Isn’t the recent solar activity the premise of the apocalyptic movie 2012?
  4. Man-made global warming appears to be the real deal
  5. A thought-provoking (and shameless) product demo from TED
  6. Newsweek 1995: Why the Internet will fail; awesome read
  7. From my friends at Rise, a concise comparison
  8. The most insane beer on earth
  9. The best thing out of “Saturday Night Live” in years
  10. What is the point of Foursquare? Who really uses it?

Top ten most popular posts for all time:

  1. Echo smart pen by Livescribe
  2. Grill skirt steak like a pro this season
  3. Today’s absurd and superb infographic
  4. Did Google forget about Project 10×100?
  5. Thomas Keller knows food (and technology)
  6. The MBA Oath
  7. Dyson re-invents the fan; makes being a nerd look good
  8. How the 1939 World’s Fair changed the world
  9. Hello Kitty rules the world
  10. NASA – Satellites View Growing Gulf Oil Spill

Fortunately both lists highlight some of the pieces that truly makes this blog interesting (in my humble opinion).  There’s humor, world issues, technology, food, drink, and a dash of ephemera.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the first 500 posts as much as I’ve enjoyed finding some and creating others.